Centralizers, Turbulators, Stop Rings & Stop Collars

Casing System International takes pride in manufacturing quality equipment that will increase your company's efficiency and productivity. While we manufacture a many types of cementing products, CSI is an expert in providing our customers with a variety of centralizers, turbulators, stop rings and stop collars. No matter what the job is, Casing System International is prepared to help.

Below are some of the products that CSI offers. To see our full product line and learn more about our products, click on a category to the left.



  • Hinged Stab-In
  • Hinged Gravel Pack
  • Rigid Latch On
  • Turbo-Flow Welded
  • Dual-Contact
  • Welded Close Tolerance Bow
  • Inline Sub Straight or Spiral Vane


  • Spiral Vane
  • Multi-Directional
  • Spiral Vane Rotating
  • Straight Vane
  • Straight/Spiral Vane
  • Interlocking

Stop Rings/Stop Collars

  • Solid Stop Ring w/ Single Row Screws
  • Heavy Duty Stop Ring w/ Multi-Row Screws
  • Friction Grip Stop Collars